Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How long does the telegram or performance last?

A: Performance times vary from five to fifteen minutes depending on the costume, environment, and participation of the recipient and/or audience. We generally like to keep the performance times short to make sure we preserve the "element of surprise" and "shock effect" that singing telegrams are known for, especially by Rebecca's Jolly Jumps. Our performers will always allow a little extra time after the performance for photos and silliness, and being experienced improvisers, they're happy to joke around with a willing audience!

Q: Can you handle "same day" orders for the time I request?

A: Will will try out very best, if the order is placed early enough in the day. However, if our schedule is very heavy or you place an order later in the day you may have to be flexible on the time. (please allow plenty of time for your local traffic conditions, weather, etc..)

Q: Is a Singing Telegram just for birthdays or Valentines day?

Absolutely not! They are great for every occasion & every event! Birthdays, Graduations, Get Well, Anniversaries, Happy Retirement, Going Away Parties, Welcome Home, Weddings, Holidays, Will You Marry Me, I'm Sorry, Just to say "hi", and even for no reason at all!

Q: How far do you travel?

A: Generally, we have a 25 mile radius of our Roseville location, but will travel beyond that area for an added fee and each order is different. Please call for details.

Q: What are your hours for delivering telegrams?

A: We deliver telegrams every day except holidays, 9am -9pm.

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